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Hartley TS18 - 21 Yacht Club


Beached at Rosebud

Check out Summer at the
Gippsland Lakes.

Welcome to the Hartley TS 18 and 21 Yacht Club Website


Our Summer Calendar Coming Soon. Sailing and Social Events Planned for Every Month

Join us for a new interest in life and some fun and new friends on and off the water.



Another successful on the water happening was an overnight trip from St. Kilda to Werribee River.

   Waterway to Windward...The Trailable Yacht Companion.
   A collection of Des Webb's Inventions and Innovations that    he has developed over 40 years of "muckin' about in boats". Available from The Secretary - see Contact Details.

For our newer members there is a wealth of knowledge available in our club, help and advice is always close at hand before buying a boat or expensive piece of kit. Members are willing to give their time to help. Just ask. It's what the club's about.

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About our Club

The Hartley TS 18 - 21 Yacht Club is primarily devoted to the Richard Hartley designed TS18 and TS 21 Trailer Sailers. As fibreglass boats have increased in popularity some of our members now sail other classes of boats, including Farrs, Sunmaids, Boomerang's and Sunbird's. We are also devoted to having a fun and interesting time on and off the water.
As a group of people who love boats in general we encourage people with a love of yachting to join the club and participate in our many varied activities
Sailing is of course our number one love but a lunchtime stop at a sheltered beach on Westernport Bay comes a close second, as do 4 wheel drive days, theatre nights, winery tours and arranged interest tours.

We are a very mixed bunch of seafarers with many of our new members wanting to upgrade from a dinghy and have a more family friendly yacht.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for a committee and general meeting and get together, often with guest speakers.

As well travelled trailer sailors we do not have an official club house, which has the benefit of keeping our fees very low. The meetings are always held in a friendly, central location.

If any landlubbers wish to give trailer sailing a go before jumping in with both feet, contact our membership officer Colin Orchard, see contact details, to consider a sail on one of our next events. 

Why a Hartley Trailer Sailer?
  • A lot of Yacht for not too much Money.
  • Good resale value on second hand yachts
  • It is a safe, seaworthy classic wooden boat design, has a large following and is well respected amongst the sailing fraternity.
  • Very friendly yacht club.
  • No problems with mooring fees or worry about mooring security.
  • Low maintenance costs, no anti-fouling or bottom cleaning.
  • Shallow draft make for ease of exploring creeks and estuaries.
  • Lift up keel allows simple overnight beaching for camping.
  • A TS18 can sleep 2 adults + 2 children, a TS 21 can sleep 4 adults.
  • Easily towed by a Falcon or a Commodore.
The Purpose of the Club
  • Encourage the growth of the TS18 - 21 classes as a one design by control of the specifications and modifications.
  • To promote and encourage cruising for family participation and enjoyment.
  • Assist members of the club in all aspects of construction and sailing.
  • Affiliate with Yachting Victoria and other clubs and bodies as desired.